I've just begun work on my next eBook. Here's a brief teaser of what's to come:

An Autumn wind swirled through the tall oaks and pines along Interstate 95, transporting the sounds of crowds screaming in fear and mixing with a whispering laughter that could only come when the leaves change their color and the sky slips from a sherbet orange to deep, dark blue in the blink of an eye. Through the trees the glow of millions of multi-colored lights, geometrically dancing, and the smells of popcorn, funnel cakes and hot asphalt drift beyond their falling leaves.
A smaller scale replica of the Eiffel Tower with a single beacon of light at its peak welcomes visitors to Amusement Isle where Thrills, Adventure and Great Food Are Just a Step Away.

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    E.L. Middleton is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Film and Creative Writing. He is a horror/sci-fi film fan and thinks the Chernabog is the best Disney Villain ever.


    October 2012